Facial Recognition Solution on your smartphone

Facial Recognition Solution on your smartphone

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With faceATT, managing attendance, welcoming visitors, and organizing dynamic tasks has never been easier. Say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork and outdated methods.

Our mission is to revolutionize how organizations manage attendance, welcome visitors, and organize tasks by providing a user-friendly and efficient utility app. By eliminating paperwork and outdated methods, faceATT empowers businesses to embrace productivity and efficiency like never before.
Our vision is to set the standard for streamlined workplace management. We aim to be the leading provider of integrated solutions that enhance prerational efficiency and user satisfaction. By leveraging cutting-edge facial recognition technology and dynamic task management features.

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Introducing faceATT, your three-in-one solution featuring a facial recognition app with liveliness detection. Our cutting-edge system offers seamless integration across various platforms, ensuring efficiency and seamless operations.

With built-in date and time restrictions and geofencing capabilities, faceATT ensures unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

Whether enhancing customer experiences or optimizing workforce management, join leading organizations worldwide in effortlessly transforming engagement with faceATT.

Attendance Register

Keep track of attendance effortlessly. Our facial recognition technology ensures accurate and reliable attendance records, saving you time and eliminating errors.

Visitor Management

Impress your guests with a seamless check-in process. faceATT allows you to efficiently register visitors, enhance security, and provide a warm welcome every time

Dynamic Tasks

Stay on top of your tasks with ease. Assign, track, and manage tasks dynamically, all within the faceATT app. Boost productivity and streamline workflows effortlessly.


Whether granting access to restricted areas or verifying permissions for specific tasks, our secure and efficient system ensures reliable authentication, minimizing risks and enhancing operational security effortlessly.

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Enhancing Operational Efficiency Through Modern Visitor Attendance Management
Facial Recognition Attendance System: Overview and Key Workplace Benefits

Visitor management systems are pivotal in today's organizational landscape, not only for controlling access but also for optimizing operations and enhancing visitor experiences. Whether in corporate offices, educational institutions, or

June 28, 2024

How can you ensure your employees are truly present on-site as they claim? Is there a possibility of them using false information or disguising themselves to avoid work? Facial recognition

June 27, 2024

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Question & Answers

This app is an advanced management tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to verify the identity of individuals using facial recognition technology. It goes beyond simple static image recognition by incorporating liveliness detection, ensuring that the person in front of the camera is a live human and not a photo or video.

Liveliness detection involves prompting users to perform random actions, such as blinking, nodding, or smiling, to confirm their presence and engagement. The app analyzes these actions in real-time to ensure that the user is physically present and actively participating in the authentication process.

  • Convenience: Users can quickly and securely authenticate themselves without the need for physical identification cards or passwords.
  • Efficiency: The app automates tasks such as visitor management and attendance tracking, streamlining administrative processes and saving time.
  • Adaptability: Its dynamic nature allows the app to adjust to various environments and tasks, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.


  • Visitor Management: The app can register and authenticate visitors by scanning their faces and cross-referencing them with a database of authorized individuals.
  • Attendance Tracking: It can record attendance by recognizing the faces of employees or students as they enter or leave a designated area.
  • Dynamic Tasks: The app can be customized to perform specific actions based on individual requirements, such as granting access to secure areas or confirming transactions.

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